image 9 Traits of highly Emotionally Intelligent people who are above and beyond the normal

We all have emotional intelligence, yet there are those who are higher in it than others. If you want to increase yours, and stand out in the crowd, have a look at these pointers because they might just help you on your way.

  1. They are influential – These are the type of people who have the ability to walk into a room with everyone knowing who they are. Their reputation for being the go to person or specialist in their field precedes them because they know their stuff and are innovative.
  2. They value other for what they do – This may be a leader who recognises the good work that their team or a particular person does and heaps praise on them. It may even be someone who appreciates someone taking the time to do or say something for them.
  3. They hold their hands up when they make a mistake – These people don’t play the blame game. If a situation gets out of hand and they were involved in, they will go somewhere to cool off and reflect on the part they played in it then hold their hands up and apologise or own up.
  4. They focus on solutions – Yes, there may be a problem, but highly emotionally intelligent people know that if you focus on that problem it will only get bigger. If they can’t find the solution on their own they will enlist the help of others as soon as is humanly possible.
  5. They like to support others – These are the people who like to take others under their wing and help them to reach their goals. For instance it may be an experienced entrepreneur who offers mentoring to a fledgling business or a manager who is supporting the career development of an ambitious team member.
  6. They have positive relationships with others – They take everyone they meet at face value. If this is a manager they will have the ability to get their staff to bend over backwards for them and they will do the same. For highly emotionally intelligent people it is about the quality of their tribe and not the quantity.
  7. They are calm – These people tend to have survived in the face of adversity and the fact that they were stronger than the thing that could have killed them is a blessing. While others may make mountains out of molehills to them, troubles are only a storm in a tea cup.
  8. They are innovative – These are your game changers. The people who are dare to make their dreams become a reality and their reality is a solution to others’ problems. It may be something as simple as creating a easy to follow process to a new system, service or product, or as big as creating something that changes people’s lives for the better.
  9. They make an impact – These people are the shaker uppers. When everyone else is saying “You can’t do that”, these are the people who say “Oh yes I can”. These are the people who are in their element, the disrupters, who can’t sleep until they have done what they can to make a difference. Martin Luther King is someone who comes to mind when he worked tirelessly to fight for fairness to all, which shaped the civil rights movement.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in there? What could you do to be more emotionally intelligent? Sign up to receive blogs or come along to an event.



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