image How Emotional Intelligence can enhance your success

Emotional Intelligence, or EQ as it is known, has been a most recent and good predictor of success in work and life. In fact 80-90% of leadership success has been attributed to having a high EQ. Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg are prime examples of people who use theirs to great effect. Our emotions guide everything we do, whether it is to do with that winning deal or diffusing conflict situations.

As humans we function on an emotional level, whether we think we do or not. We have the power to manage our own emotions and to also influence the emotions of others. When we don’t use these powers it can be detrimental to how we succeed wherever we are. Ask yourselves any of these questions:

Have you ever said something damaging to another in a moment of frustration and wished that you could take it back?

Have you contributed to

or have you ever seen anyone contributing to someone’s upset by adding fuel to the fire instead of just listening to them?

EQ-i 2.0_2

These examples are quite common among people who may need to develop their EQ. Having a high EQ is the ability to be aware of and manage your emotions as well as picking up on the emotions of others. This helps to build trust and increases influence which helps you to become more successful in what you do and how you deal with others. A recent survey over 700 multi-millionaires were asked to rate the factors that contributed to their success. The top three were:

  1. Being honest with all people
  2. Being well disciplined
  3. Getting on with people

These factors are good reflectors of Interpersonal and Decision Making components of emotional intelligence.

What can I do to enhance my EQ?

Articles and blogs – There is a ton of information out there on the subject of EQ and if you want to look deeper there have been studies on it.

Books – There are many books on EQ and a notable author on the subject is Daniel Goleman. Most of the books are about enhancing your EQ for success and will give you a good breakdown on what it is and exercises on how you can improve yours.

EQ Profile – You can have your own emotional intelligence assessment done by taking the EQ-i 2.0 profiling test. After taking the test you will have your results scored and interpreted then put into a report form, which will outline your strengths and areas for development. You can book this with an EQ Practitioner.

Try this for size – Interpersonal Relationships exercise

  1. Think of the next situation when you will need to introduce yourself to someone new and write down your introduction. The next time you network would be ideal.
  2. For a week introduce yourself to someone you don’t know and start a conversation. Use open ended questions to get the conversation going, e.g. “What do you do? or What made you take up your line of work?” Not how you felt with each interaction.
  3. If you met someone you’d like to know better think about questions you could use to initiate dialogue with this person and sustain it.
  4. Take an interest in the person you are talking to by asking personal questions i.e. if they have children or where they’re based. This gets you on a more personal level with them but it isn’t something you do when you first meet them. This might be more appropriate when you are interacting with a colleague, friend or partner.
  5.  Invite someone out, maybe to for a coffee or lunch, and note their reaction, especially if you’ve never invited them out before.
  6. Keep a note of the people you contact for a week, such as friends, family or acquaintances. How do you feel about the nature of these contacts or the frequency? Who would you like to have a better relationship with? If there are any unsatisfactory relationships, what can you do to change the nature of them?

If you would like to find out how to use Emotional Intelligence to enhance your success get in touch for a free 30 minute consultation.

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