image Could more companies be like the NHS when it comes to women’s leadership?

You may remember a few blogs ago that I mentioned some research that the Corporate Executive Board did about the lack of women in leadership roles. I have just received some information that the National Health Service conducted a similar bit of research. This is the UK’s largest employer, where over one million women work. Women make up 77% of the workforce but when it comes to top executive roles the figures are shocking:

  • 24% are medical directors
  • 26% are finance directors
  • 36% are chief executives

These figures don’t make for good reading at all and something seriously needs to be done to change that. Jane Galloway of the NHS London Leadership Academy has addressed this by saying “With increasing concern around succession planning in the NHS, it is imperative that we see a shift in this profile.”

NHS Female Staff

The NHS has recognised this issue and are setting up a women’s network as part of the plan of action to support more women in leadership. Danny Mortimer, an NHS Chief Executive agrees “The role of women on boards is business critical to the NHS – and we must make true gender equality our business.”

As someone who works to help women progress and as a coach for the NHS Leadership Academy I find it very encouraging that this organisation is doing something about it. All of the people I’ve coached have been women and around half of them are parents who are determined to lead and lead well. Most of their peers in leadership roles are men and I got the feeling that there is still a bit of sexism. The feeling I got from the women I’ve worked with is that they want to rise but haven’t had the right support.

The stuff that the Leadership Academy are doing is very encouraging and I am really glad to be part of it. I know that this blog has been NHS heavy but I just felt that I wanted to share these figures and the fact something is being done about them. If you are reading this and are a female NHS employee, I hope this gives you some encouragement.

Senior leaders in the NHS recognise that more women are needed in senior leadership roles to meet current challenges and that there is a need for a different leadership style. Women have a fantastic contribution to make on boards and more needs to be done and is being done to remove barriers to women’s progression.

I am doing my bit to help women to smash through their glass ceiling by organising events for aspiring and current leaders. Rise & Lead like a Queen holds monthly events where women meet to combat barriers to female advancement in the workplace and business. Women get to tap into their emotional intelligence, among other things, in order to develop into strong and assertive trailblazing female leaders. If you want work towards becoming an effective leader click on the link and book yourself in because we’d love to see you.

Until next time keep rising!





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