image How your personal style can help you rise

When someone mentions personal style what comes to your mind? Fashion? What you look like or wear? Personal style can mean many things to many people. What I want to focus on in this blog is both the inner and outer aspects of personal style.

Personal style is the public “you”, the “you” that everyone sees. It could be anything from the jewellery you wear to the way you wear your hair or clothes (outer). It could be the way you smile or the effect you have when you enter a room (inner). Let us look at each of the styles to get a sense of how they differ:

Personal Style – Outer

This is about what you wear and how you wear it. These are the things that people remember you by and it is particularly important if people can’t remember your name. Women in leadership or those who are business owners have something about their style that they are remembered by. My son’s head teacher, a very lovely woman, wears very striking red lipstick and funky clothes. Some people may remember me by the way I wear my hair, neck jewellery or my smile. Politician, Theresa May, like her or loathe her, is known for her love of unusual shoes.

Theresa may shoes

I think women have an advantage when it comes to outer personal style because we can get away with dressing like a peacock and wear colourful clothes. Pauline Harwood of House of Colours , advises women on colours that suit them and does a colour analysis. This particularly works when women want to make a good impression. Jewellery can also play a part in you outer appearance. Nicola Baker, business owner of Nikki’s Mystic corner designs bespoke crystal and resin jewellery, which not only looks nice, but has calming properties. Because her jewellery is unusual they can promote interest that makes onlookers want to strike up a conversation. So a tip here is to get unusual jewellery, shoes with sass or attractive clothing if you want to make an impression.

Personal Style – Inner

Personal style is about your personality. It is about how you are towards others and how you deal with how others are to you. If we look at it in a behavioural sense it is about understanding yourself as well as others.

When it comes to the world of work and business your personal style, or as some may say, social style is very key to your success. This is the “you” that is on show every day is very separate to what you may think about yourself or what you wish you were. Here are examples of personal styles or types:

download (1)


These are you quick thinkers who have a lot of nervous energy. They are often looking for the next big project or mountain to climb. Drivers tend to be leaders and are constantly striving for success. They will fail more times than many have tried. They will keep going when others want to give up. They love change and find it easy to adapt. I will admit that this is my dominant style.

Strengths: Strong willed, optimistic, love challenges

Areas for development: Controlling their outbursts, can seem impatient.


These are the fun people of the bunch. They like to have fun and can win people over with their charm. These are the type of people who can walk into a room brighten it up. Influencers love speaking to groups because the world is their stage and they love being on show. These people are like sunshine and are inspirational.

Strengths: Friendly, compassionate, enthusiastic.

Areas for development: May often do things to be liked, can be impulsive.


These are the people who like stability and like to have things in their place and love routine. Supportive people like to know where they are and what’s coming next. They like to support people and help them to succeed and are good at helping other feel comfortable and at home.

Strengths: Easy going, dependable, good coaches.

Areas for development: Can be territorial, fear the unknown.

Critical thinker

These are your very knowledgeable people who really know their subject because they have researched it well. They are you people who are more likely to read the small print of any document just to make sure they don’t get caught short. Critical thinker types are your analysts and cautious people who are more likely than most to read between the lines.

Strengths: Academic, analytical, accurate.

Areas for development: Can come across as a “know it all”, quite critical of others.

We all cross over into each of these personal styles but there is always one that is a more dominant part of our personality. Can you recognise your style?

If you want to know your inner personal style and want more information on how to deal effectively with others who have the same personality type as yours or others, get in touch and I will send you a free resource.

Until next time keep rising!



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