image Here’s to the start of a new movement

Welcome to the first blog of Rise and Lead like a Queen. And yes, as it says in the title, I want to start a new movement. A couple of years ago some research was done on exam results in secondary school. One of the biggest things to come out was that girls outstripped boys when it came both GCSE and A Levels results. “That’s great”, I hear some of you say. I thought it was great too until I saw the figures of a recent study in the workplace by CEB. It showed that 51% of women make up non-management staff, 41% are in middle management, 32% are heads of department and only 21% are in top executive roles. That is bad! Something is happening to girls when they leave school. Could Richard Cairns (he of, girls schools are bad, fame) be going along a line here? I sincerely hope not. Either way I am a personal mission to help turn that figure around.

I want to help women who lead or aspire to lead to get to the top and stay there until they are ready to leave. I want to share my principles on becoming an effective leader and will talk about the triumphs and trials of leadership by sharing my own experiences and that of others (names will be changed).

There 5 principles that I’ve used, to great effect, in my own leadership career. Not only have they helped me in my professional life they have seriously enhanced my personal life too. Some of the female leaders I admire have used them too. I am now ready to share how you can use them to take yourself, yes yourself, to the top of your career. So here they are in a snapshot:


  • Emotional Intelligence – There are 5 facets to help you explore who you are and how you can work effectively with other people
  • Growth Mindset – This will help you to grow your mind so you can make any situation work for you
  • Communication – This will help you to think about the type of communicator you are and how you respond to others
  • Leadership Style – This will help you to look at the type of leader you are or want to be and the one you identify with the most
  • Personal Style – This is where you will explore 4 personal styles and the one you identify with the most

This whole process is about personal and professional responsibility. So if you’re ready come on a journey with me  jump on board. Feel free to share and comment on my blog.

Special offer: As a visitor to this blog, you can have a Personality Analysis and a one hour face to face or Skype coaching session for £75 only (usually £260). Email for more information.

Keep rising!


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